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Copper Valayal Simple Gold Bangles Design Daily Wear Polish Plain Finish  B23993

Copper Valayal Simple Gold Bangles Design Daily Wear Polish Plain Finish  
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Daily Wear
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2.6 Size or 60 MM Dia
Description and Overview 

Copper Valayal Simple Gold Bangles Design Daily Wear Polish Plain Finish  

Just a mild rough pattern instead of glossy finish without any further design and since most of you are interested in buying something that doesnt look so flashy and dull look like what is being sold in real Gold Bangles Design plain flat metal smooth inner finish daily wear jewellery for office use, the artificial covering gold bangles design shown in this page is simple and light weight .

Customers looking to buy Gold Bangles Design normally would like to wear simple design imitation jewellery and if searching for smooth flat shape light weight jewellery type gold look 2 pieces set, bangles shown above would fit their requirements.

Gold Bangles Design with mild pattern smooth inner surface plus beautifully crafted bangles set in imitation jewellery, designed similar to those available in real gold metal jewellery and polished well to provide descent colour life at reasonable prices.

But since the metal is smooth, it is comfortable to wear for longer periods continuously. For daily wear these Gold Bangles Design can last for 6 months to one year. For occasional wear, the colour life might last much longer. Different sizes are available and if customers choose correct size, these covering bangles would be beautiful to wear. 

The pictures of these daily wear plain Gold Bangles Design are captured using professional DSLR and only actual products are shown and the finishing is good for imitation jewellery. 

  • Width of each Covering bangles is less than 5 mm. As shown in picture, this is a set of 2 pcs only
  • Bangle size can be chosen at the drop down menu available near add to cart button. Customers are requested to check the size required before placing order.
  • Base metal is copper as this is commonly used for good quality imitation jewellery and plating colour is gold tone
  • For daily wear, the colour life will last from 4 months to 1 year. For occasional wear colour life will last longer.
  • To be maintained inside a plastic box or cover while unused.
  • Chemicals and perfumes to be avoided.
  • For more designs of similar jewellery please visit this link...

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